About Me

I began my adventure in teaching in 2002. My son was about 1 years old and I wanted to be on the same schedule as him as he grew. I began teaching at a preschool that I could take my son to and fell in love with the eagerness of learning the children had, and the ability to be creative with curriculum. I later moved on to substitute teaching in grade levels K-12. Due to a teacher shortage in my state I was able to long-term sub as a junior high physical education teacher and then as an emotional disorder teacher. I currently teach preschool for our local school district. Though my degree will be in Elementary Education, I will have the qualifications necessary for an early childhood endorsement. 

My teaching philosophy is that of structure and compassion. Rules and procedures are modeled daily. Having a structured environment is something young minds crave. It is less stressful to know your schedule and know what is coming next. Each item has a labeled 'home' so we can practiced placing items where they belong. Outside of structure, I practice compassion. I understand that children (as adults do) will have good and bad days. This does not mean they are a bad child, they simply need guidance and direction from what they are displaying. Sometimes they just need to be heard. Being understanding and maintaining structure has created a healthy environment for my students to thrive. 


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